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Micro Job Site - Microfbworkers
It is a new website related to Micro Job projects where one can join as a worker or as a employer. But unlike other Micro Job Sites, it is the site where only Facebook related jobs are available.


If you are looking for increasing Facebook Likes and want to promote your web page on Facebook. It is the place where You can find solution.
Join and post project, our Facebook addicts can get you more fans to your pages. More …..
  • Facebook picture profile
  • Create a fanpage/group
  • Add you to Facebook
  • Become fan of your group
  • Add an application + Share
  • Like 1000 fan
  • Like 5000 fan
  • and much more...
Micro FB Workers is where employers can gain large Facebook addicts in seconds. Facebook addicts can be used to brand your product or website with faster exposure.
Micro FB Workers is great tool for affiliate marketers and site owners because you can create the job requirement and rules to complete the task. If you need large number of Facebook user to complete your social media exposure this is the service you must use.


If You are looking for earning money at home by doing small jobs like add an application on Facebook or like the Facebook page etc.
Now you can get paid to Like. Join us and start making real money with Facebook Find out more...
  • Browse jobs
  • Select jobs you like
  • Finish tasks & submit proof
  • Earn money
  • $1.00 Sign up bonus
  • Affiliate

Micro FB Workers is giving you benefit while you are on Facebook. Why not make some money by completing some job created by employer. All micro job is related to Facebook and it is a paying site and not scam.
To earn money you have to complete simple Facebook activity which are created by employers, they are short micro jobs which take minutes. Per task you will be paid minimum of $0.10 to
unlimited just to like a fanpage. You pick which jobs
you want to like, and  jobs are updated continuously.

Once you have earned a minimum of $9.00 from
completing tasks you can withdraw your earning with Paypal.
Here is your link MicroFBWorkers.

List of Micro Job Websites

There is a long list of Micro Job websites but I am giving details of only genuine and paying sites.
Get paid to doing micro jobs:
There are some websites like Microworkers, Shortask, which offer micro jobs that are posted by requesters. Workers need to complete those micro jobs and need to submit proof to the requester. Based on the proof submitted, the requester will pay the worker for the job they completed. Once the minimum amount specified by the website is reached by the user, then they can withdraw funds through online payment processors like Papal or Alert pay etc;
There are a number of great websites dedicated to bringing employers and workers together for thousands of small jobs. As a small job employer, all you would need to do is register and post whatever job(s) that you need help with. The types of jobs that typically classify as 'small' or 'micro' jobs are things like posting comments on Blogs or You Tube videos, following you on Twitter, Digging your site or Liking your Face book site. The use of social media as a marketing tool is one of today's hottest trends, and one of the fastest ways to spread information on the Internet. However, in order for social media marketing to be a success, you need to spread your link out among a wide variety to people who are not connected to each other. In Face book, for example, each person that clicks 'Like' on your Face book page makes your page visible to every other person on their friend list because Face book will show that they liked your page. This is one way that you can end up becoming a small job employer. The object is to find a lot of people who are willing to click 'Like' on your Face book page to spread the word about your business worldwide.
Facebook isn't the only site that you can make use of in social media marketing, though. The social media phenomenon has spread throughout the net like wildfire and business people from all walks of life are taking advantage of it. You can enlist the help of people from all over the globe to Like, Follow, Digg, Stumble, Tweet, vote for You Tube videos and comment on Blogs.
Here's how it works: You find a micro job site and sign up, usually for a free membership. Then you post the jobs that you would like people to do, complete with precise instructions and all the information that they would need, such as the link to your site, blog, You Tube video or channel, etc. Describe exactly what you would like people to do for each - comment, review, vote, like or subscribe. You will need to make some money available to pay the people once they have completed the jobs, so on a typical micro job site you would likely be required to upload some money to your account using a credit card or a payment service such as Papal or Money bookers. You don't need a lot of money to start; on some sites the minimum upload is $10, which is actually a substantial amount for small things like 10 cent 'Likes'. Becoming a small job employer is as simple as that, and you can reach the same amount of people as you might with spending thousands of dollars in advertising.
Here is a list of Micro Job Sites:

Microjob Employer

There are a number of different strategies you can use to promote a business online, and small job workers can be instrumental in helping you get the job done quickly. In order to employ small job worker services the first thing an employer needs to do is decide what type of small job needs to be done and define exactly how it should be carried out. It's important to provide workers with clear, easy to understand instructions on exactly what the job entails. For example, if you have a blog or You Tube video that you would like people to place comments on, always consider what will work best in terms of search engine optimization. Provide a list of possible keyword phrases that you would like the workers to use. It might also be a good idea to take your promotional ventures a step further through article marketing, and you can also use small job workers for that as well. There are thousands of very capable freelance writers available online who can quickly produce sets of articles on the topic of your choice, either for site content or article marketing. By uploading the articles to various high profile sites and including a link back to your site you are making your site more visible to the search engines.
Once you have a marketing plan, all that is left is finding people to employ. Small job worker sites that specialize in micro jobs are the best place to go to find willing and available workers to perform small jobs for you. Fortunately, there are a number of excellent websites that offer this service, both for employers and employees. Joining one of these micro-jobs sites can put an employer in touch with thousands of able workers for absolutely any type of work imaginable. Some sites offer tools to help with payment processing, to make the process safe and secure both for you and for the worker that you employ. Small job worker services give employers access to a wide variety of workers with just as wide a variety of skills, so you can find just the right workers no matter what type of job you have in mind. You can hire a lot of people to do simple things like placing comments or reviews on your site, or you can enlist the services of a writer to create informative articles that you can use for article submission. Graphic artists, programmers and data entry professionals are also available. The sky's the limit - workers are ready and waiting to work for you!


MicroJob is about connecting people who need something done (Employers) with people who want to help (Workers). These "things that need to be done" are called "micro jobs". We basically turn your free time into money. Becoming a Microjob member has many advantages from creating jobs and/or custom campaigns to completing jobs, networking and growing your resource base. Let us help you expand your business.

Microjob Employer

Employers are small business owners who need help getting something done. Employers take advantage of pre made packages and can create custom campaigns to market their product or site. Employers review work done and pay Workers when satisfied with the work received.

Microjob Worker

Workers are people who enjoy helping others and earning extra cash for small tasks they do everyday anyway. Workers accept jobs and deliver results. Workers get paid for their time and efforts. 
Workers get paid when their Employer rates the task submitted as "satisfied". When a Worker logs into their account, they can check the status of various tasks that have been submitted. If a task is marked "not satisfied" by the Employer, you (the Micro worker) will not get paid. If a task is marked "satisfied" you will get paid. Workers can withdraw earned money through several different methods: Papal with Check, Money bookers, Alert pay coming soon. After you have requested a payout, it takes up to 30 business days to process your payment.

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